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While I have written several books about surgery and surgeons in Colombia, much of this information I’ve obtained from my research has been consigned to sitting on the shelves of various bookstores.

But, now with the help of Colombia Reports, I am hoping to change that.  As I mentioned in a previous post, Colombia and it’s founder, Adriaan Alsema have been amazingly supportive of my work, ever since they printed my first article on Cartagena in 2010.

Since returning to Colombia, I have kept in touch with Colombia Reports while we discussed ways to bring more of my research and work to the public.  Colombia Reports is a perfect platform – because it serves a community of English-speaking (reading) individuals who are interested in/ and living in Colombia.   With this in mind, Colombia Reports has created a new Health & Beauty section which will carry some of my interviews and evaluations.

It is an ideal partnership for me; it allows me to bring my information to the people who need it – and continue to do my work as an objective, and unbiased reviewer.  We haven’t figured out all of the details yet – but I want to encourage all of my faithful readers to show Colombia Reports the same dedication that you’ve shown my tiny little blog, so that our ‘experiment’ in medical tourism reporting becomes a viable and continued part of Colombia Reports.

This is more important to me that ever – just yesterday as I was revisiting a surgeon I interviewed in the past (for a new updated article), I heard a tragic story that just broke my heart about a patient that was recently harmed by Dr. Alfredo Hoyos.  While I was unable to obtain documents regarding this incident – this is not the first time that this has happened.

Previous accusations of medical malpractice against this surgeon have been published in Colombian news outlets including this story from back in 2002.

The accusations are from Marbelle, a Colombian artist regarding the intra-operative death of her mother, Maria Isabeth Cardona Restrepo (aka Yolanda) during liposuction.  These accusations were published in Bocas – which is part of El Tiempo, a popular Colombian newspaper, in which the singer alleges that Dr. Hoyos was unprepared, and did not have the proper equipment on hand to treat her mother when she went into cardiac arrest during the surgery.

story about the death of one of Dr. Alfredo Hoyos' patients.

story about the death of one of Dr. Alfredo Hoyos’ patients.

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Now – as many of you remember, I interviewed Dr. Alfredo Hoyos back in 2011, and followed him to the operating room, giving me first hand knowledge of his surgical practices.

Readers of the book know he received harsh criticism for both failure to adhere to standard practices of sterility and patient intra-operative safety (among other things.)  I also called him out for claiming false credentials from several plastic surgery associations – and notified those agencies of those claims..   In the book, readers were strongly advised not to see Dr. Hoyos or his associates for care.

But – as I mentioned, my book is sitting lonely on a shelf, here in Bogotá – and in the warehouses of and other retailers.. So, people like that patient – didn’t have the critical information that they needed..

This is where Colombia Reports – and I hope to change all that.   So in the coming weeks, I am re-visiting some of surgeons we talked to in 2011, and interviewing  more (new) surgeons, more operating room visits..

8 thoughts on “New venture with Colombia Reports

  1. You have got to be kidding me. Dr Hoyos has a spotless record. Check the govt records. Get your facts strait. He is a luminary in his field and a world class doctor. Any patient would luck to have him as their Dr.

  2. My dermatologist, in the U.S., traveled to Colombia and himself had lipo with Dr. Hoyos. His results are so amazing I’m now interested in going to this surgeon. I’m researching him and stumbled across your site. I’m a little confused, did Dr. Hoyos have another patient die in 2012? Do you have additional information on this death? The patient in 2002 was a 52 year old woman? Did she have any history of heart disease? Have you revisited Dr. Alfredo Hoyos since 2011? Do you still feel he is a dangerous surgeon? I have seen his work in person and it’s very good and this is the first I have heard of any safety concerns surrounding him. Your input is very appreciated!

  3. My dermatologist in the U.S. traveled to Colombia and had lipo with Dr. Alfredo Hoyos. His results are so fantastic and I’m considering having the procedure with him, but decided to do some research first. This is the first I have heard of safety concerns surrounding the doctor and allegations of falsifying credentials. Are you saying Dr. Hoyos had a patient death in 2012 and 2002? Do you have any additional information about the death in 2012 or can you direct me to someone who does? The death in 2002 was a 52 year old woman? Did she have any history of issues with her heart? Have you followed up with Dr. Hoyos since 2011? Do you still feel he is a dangerous surgeon? I’m a healthy 35 year old woman who does not drink or smoke and no history of complications from surgery. I’m interested in lipo with fat transfer to the buttocks. I want a large buttocks, not just a reshaping, but a large volume transfer. Having seen Dr. Hoyos patient’s outstanding results in person, I’m very interested in him, but quite disappointed to encounter your information regarding him. I’m hoping he has cleaned up his act since 2011. Your assistance is appreciated!

    • Thank you for your email. I hope you found the site helpful and information.
      Since you are getting ready to invest a lot of time, money as well as your health, safety and some discomfort in this procedure, I would recommend heading to the local library and asking them to procure a copy of my book for you. (ISBN-10: 1456497510 or ISBN-13: 978-1456497514).
      It’s also available on

      Only you can decide who can best perform your surgery – but this book should really help.

      Plastic surgery, (generally) is an elective procedure – which makes an incidence of elevated patient mortality unacceptable. Also, the patient that died had no history of cardiac disease, but part of the pre-operative evaluation should be a cardiac evaluation (in addition to addressing additional risk factors for complications).

      There is no answer I can give you here that would fully satisfy you, but I will say Colombia is full of excellent plastic surgeons – and I would not recommend Dr. Hoyos.

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