Latin American Surgery on YouTube

Part of our new ad campaigns on You – I am obviously not a film director or creative type, but it was a fun experience to work in a new medium.

This ad feaures Dr. Hernando Santos, Cardiac Surgeon.

5 May 2011 – The Thoracic Surgeons

Featuring Dr. Mario Lopez, Dr. Nelson Renteria, Dr. Stella Martinez, Dr. Ricardo Buitrago, Dr. Camilo Osorio, Dr. Andres Jimenez, and Dr. Juan Carlos Garzon.

3 July 2011 – Newest Ad for upcoming book release

10 thoughts on “Latin American Surgery on YouTube

  1. I like the message. The only problem is that you guys need to try to inform patients that the services are not the same. Should inform patients that for a stent the family will have to wait for hours begging some security employee for information about your love one.
    My dad is having a stent placed today! I’m in Houston. I’m very nervous! This was a procedure that was not planned. I was very glad he went to Shaio clinic! I was not counting on being ignored for so many hours. My mother is in the waiting room for over 4 hours! Nobody wants to talk to her or my sister! There is one security lady who does not want to tell them anything. The same procedure took 20 minutes when my dad had a heart attack I Houston! I don’t expect same treatment but come on! Keep the family informed. It’s not too much asking! Think about yourselves! This is something you must inform people from USA! That could help them make a decision.

    • Sonia –

      I am sorry you have had such a stressful experience but unfortunately, I hear this about lots of places. It’s why I became a nurse in the first place, and why I write the books.

      As for the individual hospitals & clinics – in the books – we talk about all those issues, including the need to keep family (and patient) informed – and to treat people with dignity as well as rate each clinic’s physicians and services. We also provide people with an individual contact information for a liason to help with these issues. Unfortunately, when I was researching the book – the people at Shaio were not interested in providing this information (which is why this facility is not recommended in the book). Otherwise, I would happily pass it to you. However, if there is any other information I can provide – let me know.

      • I’m confused. The website seems to belong to te Shaio clinic. I thought that it was their website.

      • No – this is the website, for an independent writer (K. Eckland). I travel to different facilities, interview surgeons, evaluate services, (grade them) and then write about it – so people will be informed. I wrote about my visits in the past – which may have tagged my posts in the search engines.

        Their website is but despite numerous attempts while researching the book (email, phone, on-site visits) no one from the administration was willing to meet or talk with me.

      • No problem. If your family has any more medical problems send them to Authors Cafe on Calle 70 5-23. The owner is an American named Steve, and he can show them the books. (No need to buy – just browse for the information they need – phone numbers, contact information, etc..)

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