Albert Klein, PharmD

Albert Klein, PharmD is my original Hidden Gem co-author.  While he prefers to stay behind the scenes for the most part, these books would not be possible without him.  As a native Bogotano and practicing hospital clinical pharmacist, Dr. Klein’s input was invaluable, particularly for this edition.  His knowledge of local customs, history and landmarks of Bogotá give the book its authentic flavor, in a way that my temporary residence here in Bogotá never could.

Our collaboration began with Hidden Gem: A guide to surgical tourism in Cartagena, Colombia while we were also close colleagues at a small hospital in rural Virginia.  Day in and day out, I relied on Albert for my critical cardiovascular needs.  In fact, Albert is one of a very small handful of individuals whose judgement I trust implicitly.  Frequently, I would consult Albert for individualized pharmacotherapy for a critically ill patient with multiple co-morbidities and complicating factors, and he never failed to answer my needs in a day and age when other clinical providers often seem paralyzed / fatigued with ennui – and unable to meet my demands.  So, it was natural that I would turn to Albert for assistance with my first book – and the successful partnership has continued from there.

For now, Albert is content to stay in the background, and for the moment – I am acceding to his wishes.. But sooner or later – I hope he joins me up front to accept the credit, as his due.

Albert Klein, PharmD

Albert Klein, PharmD; pharmacist, and co-writer

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