The health benefits of a Sunday in Bogota

A very nice article in BBC latin america talking about the health benefits of those great Sundays in Bogotá that I previously mentioned..  All that family togetherness, along with the street closures for pedestrians, and bicyclists equals a healthier, fitter city..

During my time in Bogotá, I found that the city lifestyle (close compact streets), along with the mild climate made it very easy to exercise and to replace driving/ taking a taxi/ bus with walking for all but the most lengthy journeys.  At one point, I was actually clocking in around eight to ten miles a day as I transversed the city..

It’s a whole different story at my current location (Mexico) where temperatures have been upwards of 40 degrees centigrade (100 degrees) already since early April – and are only projected to get hotter  (50 centigrade in July)..   It’s already hot by 7am and the heat is a living breathing wave that rises up from the pavement to meet you.  It involves a lot of advanced planning, and preparation to get any sort of real exercise here..

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