Typical Day in Bogota

Just another typical day in the busy city..

Spent the morning talking to a very gracious young thoracic surgeon named Dr. Luis Torres.  He’s Colombian but spent several years studying in Brazil.  He’s now back in Bogotá and working at Clinica Palermo.  He was delightful to talk to; I’ll tell you more after a visit to the operating room with him next week.

Then I stopped by to visit a friend during her photo shoot.. The vision was supposed to be “The Virgin Queen” aka Elizabeth the First of England but after a few modifications – she made a fantastic Veronica Lake..

The photographer/ make-up artist was fantastic – and let me peek over his shoulder and take my own photos.. Here’s my favorite one..

the fabulous Aj , Colombian model endures the flashbulbs of an enthusiastic press

I know, I know, I should have cropped out the light and blended the shadows – but I kind of like the feeling the light evokes.. (it reminds me of those old-time flashbulbs..)

Several more great photos 

I thought about editing some of the pics – but then I figured – that’s for the experts – and Aj is so pretty, my poor photography can’t take away from that..

Aj – Colombian model

Veronica Lake

After the shoot – we went to another one of the random sidewalk cafes before window shopping at one of my favorite boutiques –  a little vintage shop called Chiros Elegantes on Carrera 11 No. 67-32.   Vintage shops are few and far between it seems around here – but this space is fabulous..

On the way – took a picture of some random graffiti – just because the slogan amused me..  haha.. now substitute ‘cojones’ for ‘conejo’ and it almost makes sense..  (Conejo is rabbit – as in ‘bunny rabbit.’

Ay carumba! who will save the conejos??

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