The Umana Phenomenon

Dr. Juan Pablo Umana, Cardioinfantil

Since starting the Bogota project, I’ve followed the reported statistics for the blog – which tells me what my readers are looking for, and what they want.. Much of this is as expected – heavily advertised plastic surgeons bring a lot of traffic to the site – and the cardiovascular topics (cardiac surgery, carotid disease) bring quite a few readers to the sister site,  cartagenasurgery, so I’ve tried to gear some of the discussions to what people have been looking for..

But then, there are findings that are not what I expected:
And the biggest surprise of all has been the continued fascination/ success / popularity of Dr. Juan Pablo Umana..

in the operating room with Dr. Juan Pablo Umana

Or perhaps, I should phrase that better: after meeting and interviewing with Dr. Umana – his professional success as Chief of Cardiac Surgery at Cardioinfantil is certainly NO surprise.. what has surprised me is his consistent ranking as the #1 search term for this/ and the cartagena surgery website..

In fact, this week; “Dr. Juan Pablo Umana”, “Juan P. Umana,” and “Umana, cardioinfantil” are the top three search terms, respectively.

I spoke to him about it (he’s just as surprised as I am; heart surgeons are not usually web celebrities, if you exclude Dr. Oz) and we are planning to meet again, so I can try and give my readers what they want.. So, if there is anything specific that you want to know – drop me a line or a comment, and I will be sure to ask him at our next meeting.  But now I’ve got to run and meet Dr. Sanabria..

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