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This page is mainly a guide to Latin America Surgery and it’s sister sites, but also includes information on other helpful, enjoyable or informative websites.  In addition, on the main pages – I have included an extensive listing of links to webpages that readers may enjoy.

Notice of site merge:  since much of the content tends to run parallel – from medical tourism to medical information about medical conditions and treatment options – I am merging Cartagena Surgery content with Latin American surgery. This will also include some of my more personal posts on photography, student life during various internships and other posts that give readers a better sense of the person behind the posts.  I debated for several months before initiating the large-scale move – (hundreds of posts), and it will take time to organize and arrange all of the new additions.  Hopefully, the addition of the posts is welcome to all of my long-term followers  – who can know find information on medical conditions  (aortic stenosis) and the doctors (cardiac surgeons) to treat it at the same place.

Cartagena Surgery sites

Cartagena Surgery – this site was originally created to promote my first book about surgical tourism in Cartagena, Colombia.  It has evolved into a site with discussions about surgery, and medical news.  This site is not unbiased but contains factual information along with observations and conclusions based on my experiences in health care.  Other providers opinions may differ from my own.

Latin American Surgery (formerly) Bogotá Surgery. org  – this site is devoted to my experiences in Latin America.   This blog was started to detail my experiences and reflections on Bogotá, Colombia while interviewing surgeons and observing surgery (during the writing of my second and third books).  While the blog contains factual information on many of the procedures and treatments observed around the world, I also try to share my more personal experiences and encounters with the cuisine, people and cultures of Latin America, in order to give readers a fuller sense of each location.

Thoracic Surgery / Cirugia de   this site is dedicated to the specialty of thoracic surgery, and thoracic surgery topics.  While in its infancy, this site is devoted to providing factual and unbiased information on thoracic surgery topics from a global perspective.

There is some cross-over among the sites, but that is probably unavoidable, since many of the topics are germaine in multiple arenas.

Other sites

Colombia Reports  –  essential reading for anyone interested in Colombia.  The largest English language news source in Colombia.

Expats Blog


CDC Yellow Book – This helpful guide is published annually by the Centers for Disease control and offers helpful advice and information for international travel. It is also available on iTunes, google play and other mobile formats.  For example, Chapter 2 – offers advice on reducing the risk of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism (blood clots).

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