Dr. Ernesto Andrade interview fails again

As many long-time readers know, I spent several months trying to chase down Dr. Ernesto Andrade for an interview while writing the Bogota book, but only got a couple of minutes with one of his surgical interns – who was fairly dismissive.. Despite repeated requests, phone calls and emails were not returned.

Several months ago, I was contacted by Dr. Andrade on LinkedIn, the professional networking site, and he asked if I would interview him.  I was pleased, and explained that I would be in Colombia soon – and would be  happy to talk to him (and gave the date when I would arrive.)   Now after repeated emails, and even an office visit – it looks like I am getting the same run around.

Often when I fail to make contact with someone I would like to interview – I chalk it up to missed / miscommunication (maybe staff never forwarded messages, etc.) but this is clearly something else entirely.

So while I apologize to the many readers who have asked for more information about Dr. Andrade – there is little more that I can do at this point.

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