27th AANP conference highlights: International

Orlando, Florida –

AANP President, Angela Golden addresses a packed house

The new AANP president, Angela Golden was here to cut the ribbon and officially open the conference.

at the ‘Spanish for Nurse Practitioners” course

Away from Mexicali this week for the 27th annual American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) National Conference.  It’s been a fun couple of days; meeting and talking with nurse practitioners from several different countries and talking about issues in nursing.

The Nurse Practitioner  – International

Wedsnesday, I sat in on an international NP meeting with NPs from Canada, the UK, and New Zealand.  There was also a NP who is working in India, trying to promote advanced practiced nursing.  There are several more sessions on the role and status of NPs in other countries – so I will be updating this section over the next few days.

NPs are pretty new to the scene in all of these countries –

the UK recognized its first fifteen NPs in 1991, and continues to struggle with role recognition and role protection there.  The moderator of the meeting, who is one of the original British NPs explained that there is no restriction or requirements for a nurse to call themselves an NP,  whether they have qualified as an NP or not.

New Zealand first recognized NPs in 2003, and currently boasts 103 formally recognized nurse practitioners.  Currently, New Zealand has no established nurse practitioner specific master’s program or clinically based requirements, so that will be one of their growing pains..

Canada – is the newest of the bunch – but appears to leading the way – with Family nurse practitioners and a new acute care nurse practitioner program.   Unfortunately, much like the United States – each individual province has different licensure requirements (which are time-consuming and expensive).  Unlike the USA, despite a huge need for NPs – there are few jobs available due to the relative lack of private employment opportunities.  (The majority of positions are government-funded.)

(There are NPs in other parts of Europe, but none of their representatives were present.)

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