Vice President Angelino Garzon undergoes surgery

Bogotá’s neurosurgeons are certainly staying busy.   Several days ago, the mayor of Bogotá, Gustavo Petro underwent emergency neurosurgery at Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogotá.  Now comes news that the vice-president of Colombia, Angelino Garzon underwent a similar surgery this week for a hematoma at Clinica Reina Sofia.  Details on English language news sites are somewhat sketchy as to his actual medical condition (which sounds like a hemorrhagic stroke), the surgery itself and his prognosis.

VP Garzon, who has a history of cardiovascular disease, underwent emergency heart surgery with Dr. Hernando Santos at Clinica Shaio just two days after he (and President Santos) took office in 2010.

Most recently, he was being treated for a urological condition and it was during follow up medical examinations that his condition was detected.

Update: 23 June 2012

The mayor of Bogota – Gustavo Petro is back at work after successful neurosurgery.

Meanwhile, Vice-president Angelino Grazon remains in guarded, if stable condition after being placed in a medically induced coma while he recovers from a recent stroke and subsequent surgery.


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