The daVinci and Thoracic Surgery

Clinica Marly, Bogota – Colombia


Dr. Ricardo Buitrago, Thoracic Surgeon

Dr. Ricardo Buitrago, Thoracic Surgeon is now performing robot-assisted thoracic surgery with the daVinci robot at Clinica de Marly.  He began performing cases with the robot in Bogotá early this month.  The daVinci robot has been heralded for enabling surgeons to perform more precise procedures through smaller incisions.  While I’ve interviewed several surgeons over at about use of the daVinci for thoracic procedures (aka RATS), I’ve yet to see it in action.

In related news – I am planning to return to Colombia for a few months this Fall, and hope to bring you more first-hand information about Dr. Buitrago and his robot!

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