Robotic surgery at Clinica de Marly

I hope everyone is enjoying some of the changes in format – after all the wonderful experiences I had writing the Mexicali book, I thought I would start incorporating more local culture and content in the blog when I am in Bogotá.  (I have always enjoyed Bogotá – but my writing tended to be rather dry and uni-focal so from now on, I’ll try to include more local information about the city since I am in the midst of it all.)

Barbie display at Andino Mall, Carrera 11 No 82-01

It doesn’t mean that I am any less interested in crucial issues in medical tourism, quality measures or surgery – I just won’t focus on these topics exclusively.

I spent yesterday over at Clinica de Marly with Dr. Ricardo Buitrago to watch one of his robotic surgery cases.  They’ve been doing robotic surgery over at Marly for several years – but Dr. Buitrago just started the first robotic program in thoracic surgery in Colombia.  (Previously the robot was used exclusively for urology and gynecology surgery).

Robotic surgery with Dr. Ricardo Buitrago

Dr. Buitrago trained with the renown robotic (thoracic) surgeon, Dr. Mark Dylewski – and has been a thoracic surgeon for over 20 years so it is always interesting to watch one of his cases – robots or no robots..

Just published a new article about robotic-assisted thoracic surgery over at the along with photos and a short film clip that shows the robot in action.  I am working on a longer film that provides a better look at what robotic surgery really is/ what it entails.


The daVinci and Thoracic Surgery

Clinica Marly, Bogota – Colombia


Dr. Ricardo Buitrago, Thoracic Surgeon

Dr. Ricardo Buitrago, Thoracic Surgeon is now performing robot-assisted thoracic surgery with the daVinci robot at Clinica de Marly.  He began performing cases with the robot in Bogotá early this month.  The daVinci robot has been heralded for enabling surgeons to perform more precise procedures through smaller incisions.  While I’ve interviewed several surgeons over at about use of the daVinci for thoracic procedures (aka RATS), I’ve yet to see it in action.

In related news – I am planning to return to Colombia for a few months this Fall, and hope to bring you more first-hand information about Dr. Buitrago and his robot!

Interview with Dr. Catalina Morales, Plastic & Hand Surgeon

Met with the very nice Dr. Catalina Morales yesterday evening to talk about Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery.. Oh – and did I mention hand and maxillofacial surgery..

She’s very enjoyable to interview because she’s one of those people who really finds pleasure in what she does..  She likes to help people with reconstructive surgery, and she enjoys the satisfaction her aesthetic practice gives her patients..

Planning to go to the OR with her today – so we will re-visit the smiling, talented Dr. Morales later this afternoon..

Update:  In the operating room with Dr. Catalina Morales, at Clinica de Marly  7 May 2011

Dr. Catalina Morales at Clinica de Marly

Dr. Morales at Clinica de Marly during hand surgery

I also interviewed Dr. Casallas Gomez over at Santa Fe de Bogota, read about it in another post..

Does it get any better than this?

Going to heart surgery tomorrow – with one of the nicest people I’ve met since I’ve been here.. (Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it.)

Then, later this week, I have an appointment for an interview with a thoracic and vascular surgeon – I always said those two specialties combined are like dynamite..

Does it get any better than this? I’ll let you know.

(Cartagena Surgery News) But it certainly gets worse: over at our sister site we are talking about the financial and emotional burdens placed on Americans due to our failing healthcare system..

(Thoracic Surgery News) We’re discussing robotic surgery at our new Thoracic Surgery Portal:
Saw this on a neighboring blog, talking about robotic lung surgery – but my readers here know that Dr. Buitrago has been training with an American surgeon to offer that treatment here – at Clinica de Marly.