Dr. Celso Bohorquez, plastic surgeon

When we first met Dr. Celso Bohorquez, he was donating his time and surgical skills for the repair of congenital facial malformations in Chia, Colombia as part of Operacion Sonrisa.

I went back, yesterday, to Clinica Shaio, to learn more about the man, and the surgeon that so generously contributes to improving the lives of the less fortunate.

Dr. Celso Bohorquez, plastic surgeon

We spent the day in the operating room, watching Dr. Bohorquez perform several techniques including a case with facial endoscopy as part of a face-lift. The results of the cases were striking.


In other news, we are discussing pre-operative and intraoperative risk reduction for peri-operative/ post operative MI (along with the high incidence of missed diagnosis) over at our sister site.

One thought on “Dr. Celso Bohorquez, plastic surgeon

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