Colombia Moda 2013: My week as a fashion photographer

For more about my week as a fashion photographer, click here.

I’ll be publishing some more photos over the next week, as I sort through the over 8,000 images I collected during my short stint as a fashion photographer – but the standout collection belonged to the fashion design students at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana here in Medellin, Colombia.

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Even the most fantastical designs presented have a plethora of fine detailing and seeming.  It is this use of seaming, (and actual sewing techniques) more than fabric choice, use of color or other factors that really makes this collection stand apart from the rest of the runways at Colombia Moda.

It’s in the details..

This attention to detailing also united the different designers and design concepts within the collection – from the plastic ‘raincoat’ jackets, to the corseted black matching his and hers outfits – , the green and white dress princess seamed dress with flared hem and cape sleeves.. The Peter Pan blouse*..

It’s a welcome change from so many designs that rely on cheap accessories or flashy fabrics to carry the look.  While these designs certainly benefitted from the lovely (and ethereal – in the case of some of the white outfits) fabrics – the designs could stand without them.  Of course, this is the difference between high couture design and mass market items.  Mass marketed cheap cotton jersey dresses at Wal-mart (or even the Mall) aren’t going to have this level of detail..

I have some great shots of the models with the designers, which I will add soon.  (It’s been a long couple of days – and I can no longer keep my eyes open.

*It’s been over 20 years since I took a few costume studies classes at Dalhousie so some of the exact terminology is hidden in the far recesses of my brain.. But I haven’t forgotten what I like..

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