Another fraudulent surgery clinic

this time in Los Angeles, where several individuals were posing as licensed physicians.  A sting operation was conducted after several patient complaints – and injuries.  The story in the Manila paper is here. The LA Times initially broke the story.

Notably, the clinic operators had posted fake degrees and credentials on the walls.  (This is why it’s important to independently verify credentials with state licensure boards).  Anyone with a scanner, and basic computer literacy can print up and fake any document they want..

I’ll keep posting these stories as a reminder for people to use credible sources for information about their doctors (such as well researched books like mine) or licensure boards.

(While most of the stories appear to originate in the United States I think this is probably just a result of our media interests – and what makes national and international headlines.  There are frauds everywhere, who just want people’s money – they don’t care if people get hurt or die in the process.

Unfortunately, many of these people operate for years before they get caught, if ever.

In international news, the need for investigation and medical scrutiny of medical tourism is becoming more and more apparent.  (I told you that Cartagena Surgery was a trendsetter.)  Now, if only we could translate that into book sales.

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