Plastic surgery & Colombia Moda 2013

ad for Colombia Moda 2013 from Inxemoda

ad for Colombia Moda 2013 from Inxemoda

Fashion + Beauty are intrinsically tied together.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins… (This is the more in-depth discussion from an article published on

Fashion as the evolution of beauty

Fashion is the evolutionary arm of our concepts of Beauty..  While ad campaigns talk about ‘timeless beauty”, in reality, the standards of beauty are constantly evolving, changing, expanding..  This has occurred throughout recorded history.. with dramatic examples of idealized beauty in ancient Rome, feudal  Japan, China and the noble houses of Europe.  With that in mind – the evolution of beauty over time has more impact on (mainly) women, but also economics, surgery and technology.

Changing and conforming to beauty ideals throughout time

Since the earliest of times, we’ve used cosmetics, clothing, and even surgery (yes, surgery) to change our looks to conform to the beauty standards of that time/ place/ culture.  With the advent of the internet age, ‘global beauty’ is the concept that cultural differences in beauty ideals are breaking down and becoming enmeshed into a single universal ideal.. While my fellow writers could (and have written) millions of words on the sociological and psychological aspects of attempting to fit into a ‘beauty ideal’ – I am not interested in discussing the ethics, moral or personal beliefs of independent individuals nor shall I attempt to impose those opinions on readers.. What I want to know, and to see – (and be able to watch and identify) as these beauty ideals morph and change.

So – I am heading to fashion week 2013 here in Medellin with high hopes.. Medellin has long been a leader in fashion, beauty and plastic surgery – and I want to see what’s trending now – and what’s coming next.  Not so much interested in the styles of the clothes, as I am, in the bodies beneath the clothes, and how the clothes showcase or encase certain areas of the bodies..  Is the focus on hips and buttocks this year, or is it swan-like necks and slim backs?  High rounded breasts or sleek arms and shoulders?

A brief history of Fashion (and Beauty)

In the last century alone – we’ve seen dramatic sweeping changes in beauty ideals.. From the corseted Gibson Girl with her sweeping locks to the androgynous flat chested flappers with eton crops – the pendulum of beauty swings bag and forth..

As flappers out grew their short locks, styles in the 1930’s featured more natural but subdued curves..  to the mannish shoulders and aggressive features of our 1940’s gals..  Back to the softly overblown 1950’s pin-ups.. as the swinging sixties came in – so did Twiggy.. slim boy-like 70’s to anorexic 80’s with icons like Jane Fonda.. The 90’s heralded the rise of J. Lo, and the voluptuous figure once more..  But what comes next?

We’re heading off to Colombia Moda 2013 this month to see if we can spot the latest trends in beauty (and plastic surgery)

Additional references

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