New name, same site & Hello, Panama!

Panama City, Panama

firstday 002

Long time readers may notice some changes to the site, mainly that we have expanded to include information on areas outside of Bogotá, Colombia.

Since the original Bogotá book, we’ve been back to Bogotá several times (of course!) to update the book and keep readers abreast of any changes.  But we have also travelled to several other Latin American countries including Bolivia, Chile, Mexico and (now) Panama.  During these journeys, we’ve continued to research, writing, and interview surgeons along with trips to the operating room.

We’ve also published several books and articles since ‘Bogotá surgery’ days, so as we embark on our newest project here in Panama – it only seemed fitting to update the blog to include our newer geographic locations.

It may take a bit of time to get the blog sorted out – and the look may change, but the high quality content, and active discussions will be the same.

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