Back in town..

Back in town just a few days, and already in the swing of things..

After arriving late last week, I was just in time to attend a conference on lung cancer and mesothelioma at the Hotel Tequendama.  There were some great presentations by several speakers on advances in the treatment of Lung cancer.  It was also an opportunity to catch of with several of the thoracic surgeons I’ve talked about here; including the always classy and amazing Dr. Stella Martinez, who was one of the surgeons giving a talk on surgery for mesothelioma.

Dr. Rafael Beltran and Dr. Ricardo Buitrago were moderating the event, which was put on by the National Cancer Institute.   Dr. Juan Carlos Garzon, Dr. Barrios, and Dr. Mauricio Palaez were also in attendance.

But the biggest and nicest surprise was seeing Dr. Edgard Gutierrez (Cartagena).  Those of you that are familiar with my Cartagena writings know that Dr. Gutierrez (unwittingly) took a large role in shaping my career.   It was great to sit down and catch up with him for a while.  But I’ll post more about my visit with him over at Cartagena Surgery so I don’t confuse my Bogotá readers..

(I’ve posted some photos from the event at my sister site,

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