Colombia Reports needs our help!

Colombia Reports, the largest English language news site for Latin America needs our help.  Adriaan Alsema, the founder and editor-in-chief informed me that they are having some cash flow problems after a bank fraud was committed against their accounts.

This breaks my heart – as I rely on Colombia Reports for the majority of my news.. It’s essential as a writer; living, studying and writing in another country to have at least a basic understanding of sociopolitical and economic situation.  None of the other sites – even the biggies like CNN, and BBC even come close to giving a wide-ranging overview like Colombia Reports.

So, now Colombia Reports is asking for our help – us, the readers..  and I am repeating that request.  If you enjoy Colombia Reports, do what you can to support them.

On a more personal note – Adriaan Alsema was one of the first people to run one of my articles, which gave me the confidence to keep writing..  So,  I wish him the best of luck –

Article about Colombia Reports on

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