The staff at Mexicali General

Mexicali General Hospital

I thought it was about time that I post some pictures of all the great people I see at Mexicali General.. I still need to get some more pictures, of course – so everyone can hear more about all the people I meet and talk to every day.

First, there’s Lalo,  who is probably one of the world’s nicest residents.. (After all, he rounds with me everyday – and hasn’t run away screaming..)  No, seriously, he’s just really kind – and patient with me, particularly when I have questions about cases (usually translation).  I haven’t convinced him that thoracic surgery is his passion yet – but he does have a thing for cardiac surgery, so he’s not entirely hopeless..


Then – there’s Jose Luis – who is just about the nicest, friendliest guy an extranjera like myself could ever hope to meet..  Actually, everyone in the respiratory therapy department has been pretty awesome (and their use of slang has certainly advanced my education!)  I talk to Jose Luis about all my ideas about pre-surgical clinics and such – he never laughs.. Maybe he doesn’t completely understand me, (especially when I get excited and talk really fast in my horrible gringa spanish) but he never laughs at me, or does that shoulder shrug thing that people do when they aren’t real enthusiastic about your plans..

Dr. Ochoa is second from the left, Jose Luis is in the center (in blue)

Of course, there’s Dr. Ochoa – who certainly got more than he bargained for when I first contacted him for an interview (back in November 2011).   I don’t suspect he ever thought he’d end up with a gringa student (but then neither did I, at the time).

But he’s always gracious and good-natured – and I always feel like I am learning a tremendous amount, even when it’s not all surgical.  He certainly handles a lot more pulmonary medicine than I ever expected.

There are so many other cool people who I cross paths with – like Ariel (Raul Ariel del Prado Rivas.)   I don’t have his photo (yet!) but Ariel is the nurse in charge of emergency & disaster response for the hospital – for everything from natural disasters like earthquakes (which are pretty frequent here), mass casuality events, to biohazard / environmental spills, and bioterrorism.. If that wasn’t enough for any one person – he also teaches.. In fact, I’m planning to take his ACLS class next month..

Hopefully, knowing about all these nice folks who are always looking out for me will ease the fears of any of my friends and family at home..

7 thoughts on “The staff at Mexicali General

  1. orgullosos de tener a un medico kn una gran vocacion y talento aparte de ser tan joven y ya cosechando exitos en lo k mas le gusta k es la medicina te kiero mucho siempre estare orgullosa de tener un hijo asi te adoro kn todo mi korazon. sigue adelante y logras muchas mas de tus metas sabes k te apoyamos en todo mi rey .. impresionante k te miras en la foto .. tkm tu mami.

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