Dr. Giovanni Castano, opthalmologist

Another story on the tireless efforts and surgical excellence of Bogotá surgeons – this time, Dr.  Giovanni Castano, an opthalmologist.  While I have never had the opportunity to interview Dr. Castano personally, I am not surprised that he donates his time and services to patients in remote parts of Colombia.

This tireless dedication to service is an integral part of Colombian medicine and Colombian surgeons themselves.  As part of their health care training, Colombian doctors and nurses spend anywhere from several months to a year in rural parts of Colombia as part of a government service program.  This serves as a foundation for a lifetime of service for many of these individuals and is a hallmark of the care I witnessed and received during my time in Bogotá.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Giovanni Castano, opthalmologist

  1. I am interested in the February trip. How can I learn more? As being sent ones, how do we rub elruhdsos with the people of Colombia? Interactions? Witnessing? In essence, will we be sharing Christ with the lost, or is this just a work trip? As a Christian trip I would assume that there should be opportunities to share our faith as see people grow as well as see the sent grow.There are others from my church that may be interested. Would this trip be appropriate for MDs, RNs, Optomotrists? There are a few in our church that have been on mission trips through the Christian Medical Dental Association Global Health Outreach.How many people are you sending in Feb.? How many spots are still available? Who lines up airfare? CCM? Do we all travel together?Thank you.Steve Hiniker

    • I do not arrange for ‘mission trips’. In fact, mission trips are the anti-thesis to the information I am providing. These doctors (for the most part) do not need your charity (with the exception being efforts such as Dr. Giovanni’s outreach to the Amazon.) and in fact, they often have technology that is equal to or superior to our own. I know that your desire to help is sincere, but perhaps you should seek another, more appropriate avenue such as collecting discarded reading glasses in your hometown for future donations.

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