Adventure Tours to Colombia

Want to see the lush beauty of Colombia without the surgery?

The tram to Monserrate

Ready to explore the sophisticated city of Bogota, combined with the historic jewel of Cartagena?   What about the sandy beaches of Santa Marta?

Overseas Adventure Travel is offering a new tour of Colombia for interested travellers.

If this whirlwind tour of Colombia isn’t enough for you – there are Bolivian and Panama add-on options.  Or you could always rent an apartment and stay a while (like I did.)

Overseas Adventure Tours

For a more tailor-made tour of Colombia, contact Mantaraya Tours.  This Colombian travel company offers a multitude of options to fit your budget (and your dreams!)

I wrote this post for the friends and family who were fascinated by my travels to Colombia – and wanted to see for themselves.  I have no affiliation or relationships with either of the companies listed.  (But if they are reading this – hope they buy a copy of the book).

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