Heart Surgery Abroad – coming to the big screen?

Too bad, the independent filmmaker from Tennessee elected to travel to India rather than closer to home (like Latin America.)  Still – it places a lot of what we talk about into context – the affordability (or lack of) life-saving treatments in the United States versus numerous countries abroad..

Interestingly enough – despite making the choice to travel thousands of miles for a huge operation – it doesn’t sound like he throughly researched his surgeons, facilities  etc.  That is certainly troubling as medical tourism has not yet reached the Kayak, or Expedia level for interested travellers.  While I am very happy, relieved, pleased that everything worked out well – this could have easily been a cautionary tale (and loss for medical tourism) as a well-publicized win.

But, I will continue to hope that stories like his will help promote safe medical tourism, through the establishment of standards and regulations for medical tourism promoters.

One thought on “Heart Surgery Abroad – coming to the big screen?

  1. Open heart surgery is one of the more serious types of surgery you can undergo. And yet, with today’s surgical technology and well-trained doctors, survival rates are amazingly high. Most open heart surgery patients enjoy a full recovery and, as a result of the surgery, longer lives.

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