Colombia and cultural standards of beauty

This article on Sabotage Times talks about some of the different cultural ideas of beauty – in this case, the cultural and historical appeal of the large behind or bottom in Colombia.  (This is definitely a case of Latin influence on the United States – as this beauty ideal has been rapidly adopted here at home) – leading to an increase in the number of ‘booty enhancement procedures’ for American patients.

These different cultural standards of beauty are also something we have talked about before – and how Latin America is setting the styles for USA and much of the world.  These ideals have been quickly adopted into the mainstream American beauty ideals of the 1990’s and beyond.

(If you remember the late 1070’s and 1980’s – most of us up here in North America [and our mothers] – were out there starving and aerobicizing ourselves to try an obtain the tiny, flat bottom of a 12 year old boy.)

While some of this is undoubtably related to the large population of American residents with hispanic origins and the reflection of their beauty ideals – Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina have long been trend setters for fashion and beauty (which includes plastic surgery.)  This is one of the trends that makes these destinations so popular for plastic surgery.

For more on Bogotá plastic surgeons – see here, here and here.

For more on plastic surgery and ‘booty enhancement’ gone wrong – see here at our sister site.

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