Talking with Frankie Jazz

As I mentioned before, Colombia is rich country for arts and culture.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Frankie Jazz (Jose Vergara) while in Cartagena about what he’s doing now.

For people who aren’t familiar with Frankie Jazz, the name comes from a children’s book character created by Vergara and his brother while they were in school. (Very cool.. I don’t know what you were doing in school but Cartagena Surgery wasn’t writing books yet.)

These days, the almost thirty year old Vergara is clean cut, and working as the publicist for the House of Design for Ketty Tinoco, a well-known Cartagena designer (and incidentally, his mother.)

His influence on the house of design is apparent – the website, and promotional materials have a slick, professional and modern feel. His talents are certainly being put to good use – though I am certain that his devoted fans would love another album.

I’d like to Thank both Mr. Vergara and Ketty Tinoco for taking the time to talk to Cartagena Surgery.

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