More photos from Bogota event

Back stateside, and bracing for Irene.  We are pretty far inland so probably just a lot of rain and refugees from the storm but the sky is black and still – so you never know.  I missed the recent earthquake – safe in Colombia! and despite being a historic home, it was a small quake (5.8) so we made out just fine.

I have some more pictures – sent over from Author’s Cafe that I thought I’d share.  Readers will recognize most of the players – since it was a ‘thank you’ party to everyone that participated in the book.

with Ximena Reyes, RN








Dr. Gamboa looks really stern, but that’s not his nature at all – they just caught him in-between laughs.

with Dr. Gamboa and a friend

with Dr. Francisco Cabal, Orthopedic Surgeon, Medical Director of Clinica del Countrywith Ximena Reyes, RN

Dr. Roosevelt Fajardo (left) and Dr. Francisco Holguin

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