Site merge

Notice of site merge:  since much of the content tends to run parallel – from medical tourism to medical information about medical conditions and treatment options – I am merging Cartagena Surgery content with Latin American surgery.

For my readers here at Latin American Surgery, this means that the tone of the blog will change with the addition of my more personal posts on photography, student life (during various internships), travels and road trips within the USA and other posts.  I hope that this give readers a better sense of the person behind the posts.

I debated for several months before initiating the large-scale move – (hundreds of posts), and it will take time to organize and arrange all of the new additions.  Hopefully, the addition of the posts is welcome to all of my long-term followers  – who can now find information on medical conditions  (aortic stenosis) and the doctors (cardiac surgeons) to treat it at the same place.