Does it get any better than this?

Going to heart surgery tomorrow – with one of the nicest people I’ve met since I’ve been here.. (Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it.)

Then, later this week, I have an appointment for an interview with a thoracic and vascular surgeon – I always said those two specialties combined are like dynamite..

Does it get any better than this? I’ll let you know.

(Cartagena Surgery News) But it certainly gets worse: over at our sister site we are talking about the financial and emotional burdens placed on Americans due to our failing healthcare system..

(Thoracic Surgery News) We’re discussing robotic surgery at our new Thoracic Surgery Portal:
Saw this on a neighboring blog, talking about robotic lung surgery – but my readers here know that Dr. Buitrago has been training with an American surgeon to offer that treatment here – at Clinica de Marly.

Back in the OR with Dr. Buitrago, and a visit with Dr. Andres Franco

National Cancer Institute –

Dont judge a hospital by the exterior sign..

The view from the fifth floor is less than inspiring – with the Bogota prison from one angle and the now decrepid Hospital San Juan de Dios from another..

The view from the operating room window, the now defunct Hospital San Juan de Dios

But the view from within the operating room is impressive!  Large operating rooms, in an all new facility, with brand new equipment.. This is a first class surgery facility..

 – and the surgery itself was wonderful.  I can’t divulge too many specifics other than it was a huge surgical resection that was the last chance for a heart-breaking patient..

Dr. Buitrago, Thoracic surgeon

 But the case went beautifully.

After spending all morning and part of the afternoon with Dr. Buitrago and his team – I went over to Hospital Santa Clara to interview a nice young thoracic surgeon, Dr. Jaime Andres Franco.  Dr. Franco is actually dually trained as both an Critical Care Medicine specialist and a thoracic surgeon – which is ideal because it means he is even more capable of handling any sort of crisis that may affect his surgical patients. 

I’m hoping to follow him to the operating room soon, so I can give you even more details..


Plans for the upcoming week..

While I am still finalizing some of my interviews for the week – it’s looking promising, so far..

Plans to go to the OR with Dr. Buitrago (thoracic surgeon) and Dra. Stella Martinez (thoracic surgeon)

To the operating room, and interview with Dr. Maldonado (cardiac surgeon) – and we’ll see if I was just imagining that southern accent..

Interview with Dr. Fabian Emura, gastric cancer specialist, and general surgeon.

Emailed several more orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons, so hopefully, I’ll hear back..