Patients with Passports: Medical Tourism, Law, and Ethics

A new book on medical tourism – this one by an associate professor at Harvard Law School ( I. Glenn Cohen), which follows the lines of the work done by Dr. Delmonico and several others in addressing the legal and ethical issues in medical tourism – particularly the grey areas (and downright black, in my opinion) such as transplant tourism and surrogacy tourism.  I haven’t had the opportunity to read his book yet  – but I hope he takes aim at the unethical practices of some of the giants like Planet Hospital.

He’s a much bigger voice than an unknown nurse / writer like me – so maybe he will get the attention that this issue deserves.

Maybe at the same time, it will spark interest in efforts like mine – to establish objective and unbiased evaluations of health care services so that people who are looking or relying on medical tourism for their healthcare aren’t just taking a blind stab based on slick marketing tools, and fancy websites?

I sure hope so – even if stories like this one aren’t front-page news like black market kidney sales, it is still a vital and important reason to do what I do.

Final draft.

Objective and unbiased reviews

Author to author – congratulations, Mr. Cohen and best of luck!