Colombia Moda, Fashion and wearable art

It may not look like it, but photographers like Steven have a philosophical side

It may not look like it, but photographers like Steven have a philosophical side

Because at the heart of it – isn’t that what fashion is really supposed to be?  Wearable art that allows us to express ourselves through the vision of talented designers?

That’s part of the discussion I had today with several of Colombia’s best photographers while waiting for the runways to begin here on the second day of Colombia Moda.  As we looked around at the many devotees to fashion – we saw a range of expression.  Some ridiculously shiny and spangled in the bright light of the sunny afternoon, others ill-fitting or overly tight.  Even the standard t-shirt and jeans of the working photographers were art.  Many of the photographers wore t-shirts expressing their political, philosophical or personal sentiments.

Juan Moore, another photographer explained it best when we were talking about the fashion collections, and why we loved the fantastical student lines versus the somewhat tepid, often mundane but super popular lines like Gef and Studio F.  It may be outlandish, impractical and extreme in nature, but..

As he explained, fashion is more than clothing – it’s an expression of the hopes and dreams of the artist, a view into the mind of the creator, and a vision for the future.  That may seem like a heavy burden for a t-shirt or dress but that’s what makes fashion such a challenging field.

the work of young designers offers us a glimpse inside

the work of young designers offers us a glimpse inside

So while I am writing (and publishing! articles and photos on the big houses like Leonisa, Studio F and Agua Bandita – it’s important to look at, and appreciate the work of the next generation of designers.  It’s their work that inspires me, and keeps me typing long after I’d like to go to bed.  It’s been a long day – cramped on the floor with strangers (and new friends) but they are the reason I do it – Los Jovenes Creatadores, Universidad Pontifica Boliviana and the rest of the young designers.

It may take me a few days – Colombia Moda ends tomorrow – to finish my writing commitments and sort through the thousands of pictures – but then let’s get back to the art of the next generation.

*For more photos and looks at the collections at Colombia Moda, I am in the process of publishing several articles over at – you can see the first articles here.

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