Please be careful, my friends..

In the world of internet anonymity, I tend to think of my readers as my friends.  That’s probably because I started this blog – and my journey into medical tourism to be able to provide information for my friends and co-workers.  People who knew me well enough to trust the information I was providing.

The blog was a handy way to keep in touch with people while I travelled through Latin America – and it became a place where friends of friends, and loved ones could pass along inquires.  “Do you know a good plastic surgeon/ neurosurgeon/ cardiac surgeon?”  “Is Bogotá safe?”  “What are the hospitals like?”  “Are the people nice?” and so forth.

Along the way – it become something bigger – and I began to write more, so that people who didn’t know me personally could find more about me, my work and to know why they could trust my findings.  But just as I was writing about the good, the bad and all the different things I encountered – other wonderful kind strangers were reaching out to me.

Sometimes it starts with an email, other times a comment on the page.. and every so often – a ‘forward’ or a google connect.

Now, back when I was in Mexico – I had a pretty shady/ scary encounter with a large organization called Planet Hospital.

I figured it couldn’t be an isolated practice, so I looked around the web – but wasn’t able to find much about the company.  They are privately held – so they don’t have to disclose corporate information.

Since then – bits and pieces have emerged, which paint the picture of an extremely unethical organization but overall the company still stays ‘pretty clean’ as far as the media goes.

But recently, I received by google connect  a forward of a blog post by a young couple that just broke my heart.

The couple had contacted Planet Hospital for assistance in surrogacy – and well – I’ll direct you to her blog for the rest of the details about their long travail as they attempted to have a second child.

Since then, I have been following her posts – and by posting about the blog, I  hope to give her more exposure  but every post makes my heart sink just a little more for her and her husband.

So, if you have a moment – take a look.  And, thanks, friends, for listening.

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