Sunday in Usaquen

Sunday streets open for pedestrians

Since I am always talking about Sundays in Bogotá – I thought I would post some photos..

Today we walked along the streets (Carrera Septima) to enjoy the sunshine in Usaquen.

Streets closed to auto traffic to allow Bogotanos to enjoy the city, walking, on bikes, skates, skateboards – and strollers as families enjoy the sun.

We walked to the marketplace and enjoyed the park.  (One of things I particularly love is that when you go to the park – kids are playing soccer, not with their iPhones..  (of course they have iPhones- they just put them aside for a few hours.)

Flavia in park,, kids playing in background

Teaching Flavia some basic gymnastics today – cartwheels, handstands and such..

in the park

A girl offering puppies in the park (with parents, not pictured)

vintage rides in Usaquen

This guy was minding his own business – but he just looked cool (James Dean style)..



you can see the tips of the marketplace stalls (white tent tops)


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