The Presidental Prostate: Santos to undergo surgery for prostate cancer

Since I didn’t pass through passport control, and I’m not leaving the airport before flying to the next destination – I guess I’m not really in Peru.

That’s okay, because all eyes are on President Juan Manuel Santos, back in Bogotá, where he has announced that he will be undergoing surgery for prostate cancer at Santa Fe de Bogotá.  My heart goes out to President Santos and his family.

I must admit that I am also wincing a bit in sympathy, as Caracol, RCN and all the other networks have been using multiple audio-visual aids to ‘enlighten’ the public as the state of the president’s prostate.  While I am not normally squeamish – I was just a bit embarrassed for him – particularly since one network imposed his head on a computer-animated model (complete with animation showing the effect of prostate hypertrophy on urination/ sexual function.)

Of course, the announcement of President Santos cancer diagnosis has added fuel to the ‘cancer conspiracy’ voiced by President Chavez (Venezuela) last year.  (Indeed, the blazing headlines of the famous communist rag, Pravda screams, “Washington puts evil eye on Latin American leaders“.

Now with the more moderate Santos on the list on cancer-stricken politicians, more mainstream journalists have picked up / rehashed the story.

All the same, this gringa wishes President Santos a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

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