Guia Cirugia

I am glad to see that many of the ideals I’ve promoted in the past – objective and unbiased medical review for medical tourists and consumers are starting to take flight.

I talked with John Coffey, in Cali, Colombia about his project , Guia Cirugia earlier this year, so I am pleased to see he was able to bring it to fruition.  (Some people would see it as competition – I see it as a necessary and needed service for consumers – so I am completely thrilled!!  I just wish there were more people interested in trying to ensure that patients (where ever they come from) receive high quality care.

JCI and the big regulatory agencies don’t count in my mind – there is just too much bureaucratic BS that gets in the way of actually getting down to the nitty-gritty;

Is the place clean?

Is the doctor licensed (at all – or in the specialty where s/he is practicing)?

Do they follow the generally accepted standards and practices for prevention of patient harm?

Do they have the technology and machinery to handle emergencies that may reasonably arise from procedures performed at that facility?  (Let me tell you – if they are operating at a Motel 6, (as we have documented before) – the answer is most assuredly NO.)

So Kudos to John and everyone else at Guia

3 thoughts on “Guia Cirugia

  1. Thank you for the kind words Kristin. We really look forward to collaborating with you as much as possible. Particularly looking forward to discussing with you how to ensure we present the very best plastic surgeons in Latin America to the public who are concerned about safety as well as the outcome of their procedures. Please feel free to nominate surgeons and clinics – you are a wealth of information.

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