UK surgeons add their voices to speak out against Medical Tourism

As we’ve written before, local plastic surgeons are fighting the loss of income from medical tourism.  In the UK, where 1 in 20 patients (in one poll) have used medical tourism, are adding to the dissentThis isn’t the first time British plastic surgeons have spoken out against medical tourism – in fact, British physicians were the first ones to publish commentaries against the practice of traveling overseas for surgery in professional journals.   Last year, they released a statement condeming this practice.

Now, these surgeons are speaking out in the popular press.  The irony is, while these statements are primarily aimed at people travelling to India – as readers of our sister site know, they just as easily could apply to the United States (and our large contingent of ‘phony docs.’

But how much of this is real?  and how much of this is hype to boost their own sagging practices?  It’s hard to know since much of the ‘data’ is based on polls of UK plastic surgeons.

In related news, Las Vegas has started a new task force to weed out phony/ fake doctors operating in the hispanic community after several highly publicized incidents – including several deaths.

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