Free trade, Colombia and Medical Tourism

A new trade agreement between the United States and Colombia may usher in a new era of economic growth and strengthen political ties between the two nations.

As reported in Colombia Reports, Colombia’s biggest English language news source, while some experts caution that parts of this trade agreement may temporarily lower prices of some Colombian goods – other economic forecasters believe that this will bring financial growth and economic stability to both countries. In this webpage from US Government trade officials – the proposed benefits of this alliance our outlines – with job creation as a number one priority. I have contacted Ellie Shay at the Office of the United States Trade Representative for further comment on how this new agreement will impact medical tourism and travel to Colombia, and am awaiting a  response.

What will this new trade agreement mean for medical consumers and medical travel, if anything?  The Huffington Post previously predicted big wins for Colombia (2010, July) but is it too early to tell what impact this will have on the burgeoning medical tourism industry?

We’ll keep this story updated as it develops.



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