More about Single incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS)

Since we’ve talked about single incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) here at Bogotá Surgery after interviewing several of the surgeons performing this surgical technique in Bogotá, Colombia – I wanted to bring readers more information about the technique itself.

I have added some links to published articles discussing this technique and how it can be used as treatment for different surgical conditions. (all case reports are from 2011.)  This is just a limited selection – there are hundreds of articles on this technique, and it is now being for a wide variety of abdominal conditions.

Case report from Japan – treatment of giant liver cyst (with color photos and radiographic information.)

Single port laparoscopy for adnexal surgery – 22 cases:  this study has a photo that demonstrates the sterile glove technique that I’ve mentioned previously (that allows for a smaller peri-umbilical incision than when using a commercial instrument holder.)

an Indian study discussing this technique for kidney donors (for organ harvesting) – has a nice post-operative photo of kidney donor.

Note: while this Turkish study is descriptive and colorful – it’s not true single incision laparoscopic surgery – as observed in Bogotá, Colombia and other facilities.  (It’s only single incision surgery if there’s just one incision..)

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