E-formats and other things..

Still working on creating the e-formats of Bogotá!  Due to my unstoppable love for footnotes, re-formatting the manuscript for electronic formats is a slow, tedious and painstaking process.  After several days of working at it (25 + hours so far – I am only on about page 80) but as annoying as re-formatting is – it’s also necessary so that my e-reader using buyers have a high quality, easy-to-read book.

I’ve hired a translator to start working on creating a Spanish version of the book, for all the native Bogotanos (only seems fair that they should be able to use my book) – as well as my other Spanish readers.  Should be about a month to complete – and then I’ll start formatting that book into electronic formats as well.  So there is still a lot of work ahead of me, but that’s the life of the independently published writer.  I don’t have an army of minions to do these things for me; I am writer, investigator, fact-checker, publicist, graphic artist, typesetter, publisher and the IT department all rolled into one.

It’s definitely been an interesting process this time around, and I don’t regret self-publishing because I like having creative control.  I think that’s essential in a project like this when your integrity, and your honesty is the basis for the product.

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