In the operating room with Dr. Mauricio Palaez, thoracic surgeon

Clinica del Country,

Caught up with Dr. Palaez one evening to accompany him to the operating room. As we previously mentioned, he is completing his vascular surgery fellowship this fall, and is a busy fellow indeed.  He has an upcoming trip to Barcelona, Spain for two months training in endovascular surgery prior to completing his fellowship this Nov/Dec.

When I caught up to him, Dr. Palaez was seeing consulting in the emergency room prior to heading to the operating room for a bilateral sympathectomy.

In the operating room,  all standard time out, and pre-operative protocols were followed.  Anesthesia in attendance with good heart rate control – and appropriate hemodynamics, no hypoxia.

Case completed quickly, surgical sterility maintained. No intra-operative issues.

Surgical apgar score 10 at completion of case.

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