Thoracic Surgery portal

Over at our sister site – we’ve published the first few discussions on lung surgery, and lung diseases as part of our new lung surgery portal.

It is the first tentative steps towards a fully integrated lung surgery site –
which I hope to one build into a one stop site for patients looking for information, the latest treatment and facilities for lung surgery, and lung cancer. I envision a site eventually filled with articles, links to treatment options/ and facilities along with physician profiles from different surgeons around the world, so patients have access to the newest, and most effective treatments possible.

It’s a big task to take on – but it all starts somewhere, and who better than I, a practicing acute care nurse practitioner, in cardiothoracic surgery?
I am already travelling, meeting thoracic surgeons, learning about new and different treatments at every opportunity..

Just posted new articles on Malignant effusions and Preventing post-operative atrial fibrillation..

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