A delightful surprise

Caught up with Dr. Ivan Santos, plastic surgeon today.  What a delightful surprise!  After all I had read and seen, I had expected an arrogant self-important surgeon – but that certainly wasn’t the reality.  (To all you naysayers who think that surgeons being interviewed by a relatively obscure nurse are always on their best behavior – well – that’s just not the case.)

I will tell you answers to the rumors floating around Bogota (which are):

1.  Dr. Santos is so busy, he often sleeps in his car between cases..  TRUE.. He loves to work – used to operate seven days a week, but now down to six..

2.  He isn’t related to Dr. Hernando Santos Calderon (heart surgeon at Shaio) and President Juan Manual Santos (President of Colombia.)  Okay, only an NP in cardiothoracic surgery would rank it that way – but there you have it.

Don’t let his youthful good looks fool you, at 41, Dr. Santos is a seasoned, experienced surgeon.  I’ll tell you more when I get back from the operating room on Saturday.

And as you know, if you want the real stats, you have to wait for the book..

2 thoughts on “A delightful surprise

  1. Is Dr. Ivan Adofo Santos from Brazil, Curitiba? If so, can you tell me if he studied in a school named Medianeira? I´m organizing a meeting of students from this school and I have his name on my files but i´m not sure if he is the person i am looking for. Answer me please. Thank you

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