Adventures in Sincelejo

If there is such thing as a perfect day, it would have been today.  The weather was still hot, humid and sticky.  I still have student loans and the world continues to have accidents, disasters and wars.  But for me, today was as good as it gets.

VSD patch400

I spent the morning in the operating room while Dr. Barbosa performed a septal patch, and repair of the tricuspid valve.  The case went well and the patient did beautifully.  Before I left the hospital, the patient was already awake, alert and awaiting extubation.  There was no hemodynamic instability or bleeding.


The local cardiologist did several cardiac catheterizations today – and we were consulted on four of them.  3 of the patients have excellent targets for bypass grafts and normal heart function.  The fourth patient is a little more fragile, but is still a reasonable candidate for surgery.

Best way to see Sincelejo: On the back of a bike*

Lastly, I spent a nice, breezy hour touring the city on the back of a friend’s motorcycle.  (Yes, mom – I wore my helmet – and he didn’t drive like a maniac.)  We went all over Sincelejo; from the scenic overlook over the valley below, to the football stadium, past the University of the Caribbean, over to a public park with tennis courts, several pools and a small zoo. (I don’t have any pictures because I figured I’d probably drop it).

My guide was Omar, the spouse of my friend, Elena.  He works in the Parks & Recreation department of the Sucre.

photo (37)

After returning home, I took a walk down to the Plaza to buy some local cheese.  Then I spent the evening eating exotic fruits like guama, plums, uchuvas and fejoas.

*Also fairly dangerous..

All in all, it was a pretty awesome day.