In the OR with Dr. Javier Maldonado

Dr. Javier Maldonado, cardiac surgeon

No southern accent, per say, just a gentle, relaxed way of speaking that reminds me of home.. Went to the operating room with Dr. Javier Maldonado at Clinica Colombia this morning, for a three vessel off-pump CABG.  Everything went smooth – textbook perfect..

I followed him to the Cardiovascular ICU  and then to his cardiac clinic to see patients..

After a productive and pleasant morning (and afternoon), I raced over to Clinica Shaio to catch the end of the minimally invasive cardiac surgery symposium, and to interview Dr. Barbosa, one of the first surgeons I interviewed for the Cartagena book..

Dr. Javier Maldonado

Cardiac surgeon, Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogota, Clinica Colombia

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