Journey into Neurosurgery

Delving into the depths of neurosurgery today with Dr. Enrique Jimenez-Hakim at Santa Fe de Bogota. For someone like me with no neurosurgery background (other than the required rotations in school), this brings a lot of trepidation. But Dr. Jimenez – Hakim was exceedingly kind and patient despite all of my questions.

Dr. Jimenez – Hakim is part of a busy four surgeon Neurosurgery department at the Santa Fe de Bogota, which performs 500 – 600 cases per year, with a neurosurgery residency program through El Bosque University.

Interestingly, Dr. Jimenez – Hakim has personal legacy of neurosurgery. Both he and his cousin, Dr. Fernando Hakim Daccach are second generation neurosurgeons. Their fathers, were some of the first neurosurgeons in Colombia. Notably, Dr. Salomon Hakim (Dr. Enrique Jimenez-Hakim’s uncle) was a pioneer in the treatment of hydrocephalus and the develpment of the first unidirection valve for drainage of excess CSF. (There was an early valve developed in 1949 by another neurosurgeon but it was poorly functioning.) All valves developed since Dr. Hakim’s valve have been based on his design.

This legacy has certainly been something for Dr. Jimenez – Hakim and Dr. Fernando Hakim to live up to – and they have. (more about that later).

Planning to to go the operating room with Dr. Jimenez – Hakim as soon as he returns from giving a lecture at the Latin American forum in Mexico City – on awake craniotomies.

More about Dr. Jimenez – Hakim, and neurosurgery in Bogota, Colombia.

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