Plastic surgery trends: Latin America leads the way

Just posted a new article over at based on a series of interviews with local plastic surgeons here in Medellin, Colombia.

The article summarizes the newly emerging trend of ‘less is more‘ meaning smaller breast implants, less fat grafting, and more sculpting liposuction, and Botox..

As we discussed in a previous post – the evolution of beauty ideals is a continuous process – and can change dramatically over the course of a decade.  So after the ‘I like big butts’ and porn-star ideals of the 1990’s and lush, voluptuous 2000’s, is it much of a surprise that plastic surgery is heading towards a more athletic idea (of sculpted abs) and smaller, less dramatic curves?

So, consumers, keep in mind – as you consider procedures – less is more, and what’s beautiful today – may be considered excess tomorrow.. Try to find a procedure/ ideal/ and outcome that suits you, and your body – instead of conforming to an ever-changing ideal..




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