Do you dance (to) Reggaeton?

So – while making conversation here with new friends – music often comes up..  Ever since the Virgin Islands – I am a huge fan of reggaeton.  (There were two stations on the island – a horrible, horrible reggae and a station out of Puerto Rico..)

So every morning, I would cruise down the hill to the PR station jamming to the likes of Wisin y Yandel, Don Omar, and Daddy Yankee..

I mean – what’s not to like?

So when people would ask if I liked to dance to Reggaeton, I would shrug and say ‘sure’ and wonder why eyebrows were raised – and giggles abounded..

I mean – sure – I dance (if you can call it that) around my kitchen  listening to reggaeton, and singing (off-key) in Spanish..

Haha..  But that’s not exactly what they were referring to..

I don’t think it was lost in translation – (I am just too old for that sort of gymnastics – ‘cuz this video is actually extremely tame..)

So, to answer the original question – You can relax – this [middle-aged, klutzy] little gringa does not dance to reggaeton..

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