Dr. Ivan Santos, plastic surgery

Dr. Ivan Santos

Dr. Ivan Santos, (right)

Spent time in the operating room at Shaio watching Dr. Ivan Santos operate this morning.  Operating rooms are large, clean, well-lit and all equipment is modern and fully functional.

Dr. Santos operates with a second surgeon assisting, Dr. Rudolfo Reyes.  Today’s case which was a combination of body and facial procedures was performed under a combination of local and conscious sedation.  Patient appeared comfortable during the procedure and all standardized intra-operative protocols were followed.  Sterility was maintained throughout the case.  (No intra-operative photos taken with patient in view – for privacy concerns.)

The particular case was more complex that average – patient was undergoing a revision after previous surgery several years ago (with another surgeon).  Dr. Santos was meticulous in attention to detail, calm and pleasant in demeanor, and aggressive in surgical management.  He has a good rapport with his OR team, who were able to anticipate his needs.

Going back on Monday for another case.

Note: Be careful when searching the internet for doctor information – there is a lot of disinformation out there (which is why I am writing a book).  Currently there is a doctor impersonating Dr. Ivan Santos – if you do a search for Dr. Santos – this doctor comes up, claiming to be in practice with him.  Please be careful everyone!)

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Ivan Santos, plastic surgery

  1. I am an American physician from the United States that has come to Bogota for Liposuction with Dr. Ivan Santos. I did a lot of research and found his results to be optimal.

    He follows a different school of thought than in the Unites States which puts a dramatic emphasis on post-operative care. The post-operative massages are labor intensive, time consuming, and a bit painful, however they help drain the leftover serous fluid allowing for earlier results and prevention of irregularities in the skin by preventing seroma formation. His nurses are specially trained and examine your wounds on a daily basis for over a week after the surgery. He also has you wear a corset stuffed with foam to shape your body properly. Other therapies include carboxy therapy (injection of CO2 in your skin and sub-cutaneous tissue with a needle) which helps to heal scar tissue and improves skin firmness. Vacuum therapy and ultrasound are also implemented. The combination of therapies after the surgery itself makes all the difference.

  2. keep up the great work on the site. I love it. Could maybe use some more updates more often, but i am sure that you have got other things things to do like we all have to do unfortunately. =)

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