The road to Monserrate

no, this isn’t some sort of quasi-poetic allegory, or sophomoric metaphor.  The road to Monserrate – really is a path, or more accurately, the stairs to Monserrate.   Monserrate is a popular tourism destination in Bogotá:  a church set high on the Mountain above the bustling city.  Despite the religious themes, Monserrate appeals to the faithful and the agnostic alike – due to the impressive and expansive views of the valley below.

the view from Monserrate

Traditionally, pilgrims climbed to the top of Monserrate on a worn-down path.  A train and a cable car also served to bring travelers, and tourists to the top of Monserrate.

The new upgrades to the footpath have just been completed – making the walkway more accessible to visitors.

The Bogotá Hilton (located in the financial district) also opened this week.

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