ProExport revisited

Well, the book goes for final editing next week – and still no comment or response to my inquiries at ProExport Colombia.  The situation has me completely frustrated – as it’s a whole division of government supposed devoted to helping people like me – to encourage economic investment in Colombia. It’s not as if my inquires have fallen into a black hole – I’ve had numerous people contact ProExport on my behalf – so this silence isn’t an incidental bureaucratic oversight – it’s a deliberate manuever from Deisy Vargas – since she’s been contacted about this; both in phone calls and emails from my other contacts multiple, multiple times (as well as my own efforts.)

If I were President Santos, I’d investigate this department – and see what they are doing with all those federal funds.  Almost six months now trying to get a response from Deisy Vargas – and getting a lot of ringing phones (no voicemail), and unanswered emails.  Where are these people all day?  What are they doing all day since they certainly aren’t helping people like me?

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