Goodbye Colombia!

fresh fruit at the market

My last today here – and I managed not to work my final day – until now.. Spent the day at the market, and spent the afternoon with friends…

Going to do one last post, before I finish packing up and getting ready to leave tomorrow morning.. Hard to believe leaving would be so difficult – but this has been an amazing time.. Writing this book has been a dream come true, even though at times it’s been frustrating, exhausting..

Making new friends here was an added bonus – but it makes it hard to leave..who would have guessed the girl from the itty bitty town in Virginia would enjoy the big city so much?

For everyone wh s daunted by the thought of a big city like Bogotá, in Colombia, no less.. Don’t be afraid – enjoy the vibrant life that is Bogotá.. the sophisticated mix of city, with quaint country traditions like bike riding on Sundays..

"the office" where I spent a lot of time writing, (and Victor, who looked out for me)

Now, it’s time to start editing.. Be back in August to present the book..

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